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Challenge 1 - Round 5 - Jesse Spencer - Voting!

To glendora__: If you have a REAL reason that you did not get your icon in this week ( member dying finals etc.) contact me at the skip post and you can skip if not you will be eliminated.

1. Vote for the icon you like least. Please give a reason for your choice so that the people eliminated can have the option of a feedback summary. Please vote and give a reason based on the quality of the icon, not just your personal taste. Try to be constructive with your feedback, give them something specific that they can work with.

Bad Example:
"78 - It's Ugly. I don't like the texture they used."

Good Example:
"92 - The image is stretched and overly saturated. The text is also awkwardly placed and distracting, it draws the attention away from the picture."

2. Vote for your favorite icon for the People's choice award. Please give a reason for this vote as well. I would like to let people see what is so special about their icons and why people liked them also. Your reason for people's choice can be your personal taste as well as just the quality of the icon.
3. Anybody can vote. You don't have to be a participant.
4. Do not vote for yourself for people's choice.
5. Don't try to work the system (by getting your friends to vote for your icon or using other user names to vote for yourself)... this is just for fun, that defeats the whole purpose.
6. All comments will be screened.

Now then, on to the voting~!


Tags: challenge 1, round 5, voting
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you have to give reasons.