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Round 1 Challenge 6 Results!

Sadly we have to say goodbye to this lovely icon maker:


Congratulations on making it this far! You did a great job in this competition, please stick around to vote!

How the scoring works:
+'s are people's choice votes.
-'s are elimination votes.
The 's and -'s are not at all connected. They don't balance each other out as far as who will get eliminated. The person with the most amount of positive votes gets the People's Choice. The negative votes do not affect it.

01.) -1
02.) +1
03.) -1 +1
04.) -3
05.) +3

If you would like to know what comments you got (negative or positive) please comment here and tell me your number. There is always a lot of good constructive criticism and compliments so feel free to ask. Hint: If you have no positive or negative votes, you will not have any comments.

People's Choice Banner:

Congrats glendora__! People said they liked the coloring and the scratch brush!

There is no Mod's choice for the next weeks because of the few amount of people.

Now that the results have been posted, you can use/show your icon wherever you want :)

The new challenge will be posted shortly.
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