Victoria~ (highshelf) wrote in house_cast_lims,

House_Cast_Lims is in need of enthusiastic mods!

fluidic and I have decided to discontinue our modding here at house_cast_lims due to recent inactivity. We've also decided to ask you all and see if any of you wish to take over the community. Of course, if there are no replies to this post then house_cast_lims will be shut down.
Tags: mod!post
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I'm sorry to hear y'all don't want to continue with this community. I'd like to take it over if you don't want to complety shut down. :)
that would be great! I'm gonna call the other mod right now to see if that's alright with her!
Wonderful! If you want to see what mod "skills" I have, you can look at mkalims which I run. :)
it's done I accidently still gave us posting access which you can take away from us.
just called her she's ok with it. I'll put you as a mod and delete myself fluidic will do so later.
Wicked cool, thanks! Hope you guys stick around and will enter or something. Am I allowed to change things, like the layout and such?
ush yush I made the layout and it isss ugly!
I think it's cute. Mine won't be much better but ah well, lol.