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Staring over again

I want to thank hermyfan for the input they gave me. I decided to start this community over again. I hate to do it since we were so far into the last round but since only I entered the challenge and it had been posted over a month ago, I figured it's best to start fresh. So here we go:

Signup here if you want to join in. Just a reminder that this community is for making icons of the cast members of House M.D.. The challenge photos will be only photo shoots and appearances, in every picture used the cast member(s) will be out of character.

Comment here with your username and your favorite cast member. You'll get one skip automatically by signing up.

I hope to close signups on May 18th so please tell your friends!!

Signed up:
01. hermionesparkle
02. hermyfan
03. musicbeforeboys
04. jane948
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