Victoria~ (highshelf) wrote in house_cast_lims,

Most Valuable Participant

Ok everyone, me and the other mod, fluidic are a little irked that there aren’t more votes so we came up with an idea to help this. It is called Most Valuable Participant. Here is how it will work:

Until the final 10 icon makers we will do one every week. We will do this by getting the first 5 people that both enter their icon and vote, and put them all in a hat and pick randomly. If the person is in the competition at the moment they will have to pick a number out of 100 and they will either get immunity or a skip. If the person is not in the competition they will automatically get an extra skip for the next challenge.

After the final 10 if there is a decrease in voting we will do it on random weeks as we see fit so you never know when we’re going to do this so always remember to vote when you can! And because it would be unfair to our friends from other time zones we do have a time zone post here that we would like everyone to sign. If you don’t sign it and you are from a totally different time zone please don’t complain because it is not my fault that you did not know.
Tags: most valuable particiapant
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